Stick Foot Reflexology

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Stick reflexology enables you to massage more intensely and in a more focused fashion. You’d think that you would feel less in your feet by using a stick, but you actually feel more. By “feeling”, I’m talking about the sensation of feeling uric acid crystals under the skin as opposed to the intensity of the feeling (aka pain in your feet).

Uric acid crystals build up in reflexology points on your feet where energy is blocked in the corresponding area of the body. Occasionally, these clusters of crystals make a crunching sound when massaged with a reflexology stick. That’s why I sometimes refer to them as, “crunchies.”

If you try to use your fingers to locate these tiny crystals, it’s akin to pressing your hand on a mattress to find a pea underneath. Most of us aren’t the sensitive princesses in the princess and the pea story, which is why you need a reflexology stick. The stick lets you easily feel the crunchies and helps break them up, and thus, clear the energy block in your body.

As well, when you have a reflexology stick, it’s easier to massage all the reflexology points on your feet. Using just your fingers and knuckles can get tiring if you have to massage for longer than a few minutes.