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We are a health-care establishment launched by a group of professionals who specialize in the scientific concept of Reflexology. The company offers need-based solutions in pain alleviation and therapeutic treatment.

The procedure is done by qualified and trained experts who have considerable experience in the field of reflexological methodologies.

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After 12 weeks, expectant mothers can find reflexology extremely helpful and safe in coping with both early and long-term pregnancy symptoms, such as Morning Sickness, Nausea & Headaches Pain & Discomfort Loss of Bladder Control Backache, Stress & Anxiety Lack of Sleep & Fatigue

Yes ­ Reflexology is a highly beneficial treatment for the elderly. It is a gentle, non-invasive treatment carried out on the feet. This treatment is highly effective in helping to:

  1. Induce deep relaxation through the reduction of tension.
  2. Aid the body’s own healing processes and responses through stimulation.
  3. It improves deep sleep

Persons with infectious diseases, high fevers or high temperatures as it may cause stress to the liver, those with Deep Vein Thrombosis as it could cause clot to move those who have just had replacement surgery those with severe Osteoporosis, particularly if the hands and feet are affected as it could cause more damage to the bones, women with an unstable or risky pregnancy, but from 20 weeks onwards (fortnightly) and from 30 weeks ( weekly ) it is recommended as it helps to soften the cervix for childbirth.

In 2004 The Chinese Reflexology Consortium conducted research on the effects of reflexology on professional athletes after big athletic events, i.e. World championships, Olympic Games, pre-season training in rugby, cricket, football, etc. This has proved that reflexology can be very effective in the treatment of all sports related issues.

Also helpful to dancers, securities and so on:

  1. Helps to reduce pain
  2. Helps recovery after injury and surgery
  3. Helps recovery from extreme sports training before big events

Promotes recovery from muscle fatigue after similar events to marathons, triathlons, Olympics, pre-season training in rugby, cricket, football.

Athletes can get back to training a lot faster.

Research has established that certain zones of the body, especially the soles of the feet relate directly to different organs. The body has a natural healing process whereby it addresses its own problems by clearing blockages and facilitating free blood flow.

Stimulating these zones by applying the right kind of pressure to these points accelerates the process and produces a positive effect on the corresponding organs. This has a healing effect on these organs and rejuvenates them. Very soon, you see their productivity improving radically.

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We are a health-care establishment launched by a group of professionals who specialize in the scientific concept of Reflexology.

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