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Are we giving our employees greater productivity potential?

They work hard, show results and deserve it all. You give them everything but often you still find them stressed, tired and lacking enthu. You know they’re good workers but somehow don’t appear to be getting the best out of them.

Just reflect on their professional and personal lifestyles. Hard work targets, pressure to perform, late nights, sitting work posture, long commutes, irregular hours, untimely food, unplanned travel – all these unavoidable causes that have a telling effect on them.

Even a good sleep does not take it away. Often you hear them exclaim “aargh, my feet are killing me!”

Their problem is not just the aches and pains. Their lifestyles have an impact on their entire well-being and naturally, on their productivity.

Now let’s focus on how to help them bring out the best in themselves and thereby better productivity for your organization.