Hand Reflexology

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"Every single part of the human body is connected through the nerves through feet, hands and ears." This is what the ancient healing technique of Reflexology believes. The practitioners of reflexology do believe that one can relieve stress, tension, imbalances of the body by stimulating the specific points which elicit a response from the nervous system. Reflexology of hands or the hand reflexology is one form of effective natural therapy which is most popular for being a simple, pure, effective and easy form of massage therapy that can be done easily by self for eradicating various health issues like constipation, muscle pain, shoulder aches etc.

The prime difference between the hand reflexology and foot reflexology is that in case of hand reflexology, one uses the key points in the hands for stimulating the nerve to relieve tension, stress and imbalances of various connected parts/organs; while in case of feet reflexology, the specific points in the feet are used to stimulate the nerves for releasing stress, and correct imbalances in the connected body parts or the organs.

Hands are more flexible and the hand reflexes are much deeper beneath the skin as compared to the feet where the reflexes lie close to the skin surface. This means, one needs to reach deeper and hold for a longer time period in hand reflexology to stimulate a point in the hand as compared to the feet reflexology, where the effect in much efficient and quick.