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We are a health-care establishment launched by a group of professionals who specialize in the scientific concept of Reflexology. The company offers need-based solutions in pain alleviation and therapeutic treatment.

The procedure is done by qualified and trained experts who have considerable experience in the field of reflexological methodologies.

Our thrust area is with working and business professionals who are constantly under pressure to do more, achieve more and produce more results in industries reeling under stiff competition and striving to attain leadership in their respective areas.

We neither do diagnostic analysis nor are we a substitute to medical treatment. Our treatment caters to a range of health-related issues that include certain diseases which can be addressed through our methods.

Our Values

  • We impart service that is unprejudiced for humankind in spite of by caste,color,social status or religion
  • Integrity and honesty is the milestone of our actions
  • As an organization that deals directly with human well-being, we at crown Foot reflexology aim to offer holistic solutions that address specific health- related issues, alleviate specific forms of vocation based ailments and create new and complete persons capable of achieving great heights.
  • Through humane approach profitability is achieved.

Our vision

We at crown foot reflexology see ourselves as the leader in the industry, having offered highest levels of satisfaction to every customer and having played a distinctive role in helping organizations achieve their best productivity through enhanced levels of potential in their personnel.

Our Methodology

We work along the nadis, ie, the pulse points in your body which are located near the vital energy centres called marma points. These help maintain the optimal flow of prana, life-giving fluids in the body. These are mainly located on important points in each foot. Our focus of attention is on these centres where we apply thumb and finger pressure. These Ayurvedic Reflexology techniques are aimed at reaching the whole body which benefits from these procedures.

The treatment is astounding for its sheer simplicity. No medicine or drugs. No smelly oils or messy powders. Our therapists work with scientific pressuring of the vital spots in the body which correspond to the various organs.

You feel no discomfort whatsoever, no reason at all to feel squeamish or unduly sensitive. Just leave it to us and relax. The therapists are trained to deal with every aspect of human sensitivity. Every session is sheer bliss.