Onsite Reflexology

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If you’re looking for onsite Reflexology at your work place , conference or Event… or as a one off to your business by fitting sessions around meetings, lunchtimes etc., your staff can take a few minutes out of their daily routines to rejuvenate their productivity potential. Programmes can be individually developed to suit each particular company and their staff.

With a group of skilled masseurs, continuously supported by a dedicated administration team, you will find that booking with us is seamless and stress free.

Why choose Crown Foot Reflexology?

  • We come to you. Our service is completely mobile
  • We listen in to you. Service is customized to suit your requests
  • Our therapists are well trained, fully qualified and experienced
  • One point of contact
  • Convenient , trustworthy, top-notch service all the time
  • Our prices are most reasonable and we have cost-effective packages for corporates on contract basis.
  • Hormonal and digestive improvement
  • Increase in insulin production in diabetics
  • Favorable indices in ECG, EEG, fMRI
  • Recalibrated central nervous system
  • Improved post-operative recovery
  • Better concentration and performance
  • Excellent sense of well-being

So let’s not wait another moment. Just give us a call and we’re ready to go over and work out the perfect plan to recreate your health and happiness.